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Siapa geng Diet !! :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 a very new year

Hello dieters..
Long time not writing here

As my diet journey becomes up and down in 2013
I still didnt get a chance to complete my 2013 wishlist
And last dec 2013 still i have big num on BMI
But i still can be proud of myself
me & family raya puasa 2013-0ver 90kgs
I lost 15kg over 3months..hehe..tq Allah

Me n son during raya Haji -about 80kg+ only hehi

However still lots to working on my weight loss

But Allah got some big plan n news for me
As my hubby birthday gift kot, HE granted our old 5years wished!!
TQ Alhamdulillah ya Allah.Teruja n syukurr!!
So im resting for any diet pogram for a while
And will be back soon end of this year..wehuhu

Meanwhile..i should be sharing with u some tips bout foods soon
Some other times ...okay
Till then :)
Stay healthy friends