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Sunday, September 29, 2013

tips for eating less and healthy

Hi there its been long time not writing in this hall

Here I nak share some observation by myself that maybe we could use on our dietary program..who know I will work for as it work on me ^_^

Have u notice how korean/japanese people eat..well tru my observation..hahaha poyo x.. selalu tengok drama n tv show from their country make me think..wow they always eating good portion of foods..or is it only because they are on film..well it inspiring for me though. .

1.always drink plain water before taking any meals..as for me I suggest the hotter the better it helps increase our inner body heat I think which can help digestion

2.lets go through at their eating portion..mostly when they eat rice with any dishes they will wrap those dish in leaf kan..perasan x..let see they have a piece of veggie layered with protien like meat and some flavoured cream and lastly they put rice into then wrap and dip in sauce..eat the whole wrap..it will make u feel full after a few mouth..

3.other dishes they have like ramen and soup which I think brilliant choices.because soup dishes contain 70% of liquid and the rest was protien n serat..soup dishes also healthy for us..without any oil or fried ingredient..eat healthy people :)

So I think thats what will help us a lot in order to stay slim and fit.dont forget add some exercises too.goodluck to me and all of you..

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P/s: I'd never been in korea or japan or had korean/jpnese cuisine. This is just my 2cent..and I believe they are lot of tasty dish from their country other than I have mention above.so I practically point some tips that I think can help us use to form our healthy food n dietary requirement.thats all..no offence okay ^_^ peace uols